Elavating to greater heights


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Wow, our 75th year just keeps getting better!!
Congratulations to Stefan, Issac, Callum, Mark and Caitlin all taking their Judo to the next level and earning their next Grade!

Stefan – Always brings tremendous positivity to the club and continues to push the team to achieve great things. Stefan has stepped up with great drive and determination to achieve his goals from Gold Medal victories and now the Prestige rank of Blue Belt. Stefan has always remained humble and earned the respect of everyone from the club. He encourages everyone to set larger than life goals and go out and plan to achieve them!

Issac – A talented Judo player with youth, experience and a wealth of knowledge in the sport. He possesses quality leadership skills and has the drive to constantly get better. When Issac has his mind set, he stops at nothing to step up and earn everything he has his mind set on. Something which is admired throughout the club. Issac has now earned his Blue Belt.

Callum – A truly valued member of our Team. Since joining Keidokwai this year Callum has elevated the team’s spirits and made our bond stronger. What Callum has achieved in such a short period of time is something in which we can all look up to for inspiration. Callum earned Silver in his first ever Judo comp which included him taking on brown belts! Callum has now earned his Judo Yellow Belt.

Mark – Just continues to impress and drives the team to step up their game. Constantly improving at a rapid rate we can expect many great things to come from Mark. This has all come down to his hard work and determination. He brings a great atmosphere to the club and encourages the team to train hard. Mark is 59 years young….he started Judo a few months ago at 59 years young. Mark has set the goal to even compete later this year. Mark has now earned his Judo Yellow Belt!

Caitlin – She brings inspiration to all the team and continues to motivate everyone at the club. Caitlin accepts any challenge in her way. Always bringing down a big smile and positivity to enjoy the sport. A big heart that helps warm the club and keeps us humble. Congrats to Caitlin on passing her first grading and achieving Red Belt!!

Proud to be Keidokwai