Success at Nationals

Success for Keidokwai at today’s Special Needs British Open Championship

Congratulations to our Superstars Neil Bennett and Jake Pasquill. Today displayed so much heart, courage and fought like true warriors!

Jake has been doing Judo for just less than 6 months and found himself already competing in such a major National Open event at just 8 years old. Fighting against higher grades and more experienced players. Jake displayed some great Judo with unmatched determination and effort! Jake claimed a Bronze medal! We are all so very proud of Jake and we are excited to see his judo progress and we all know, his future in this sport is bright! Jake has also been promoted to his next grade of 2nd Mon!!

Neil Bennett proves hard work pays off and dreams can come true. The pressure was on as Neil won the Championship last year. If that wasn’t impressive enough, Neil has been doing Judo for less than 2 years and today he became a 2 time British Open Champion winning all his contests. Neil has inspired the entire team as today he defeated 2 Black belts and a heavyweight to claim his Gold medal! Neil has also today been promoted to Orange Belt!

Here at Keidokwai, we are honored and so blessed to have Jake and Neil as part of our team!

Major thanks to Ross Goodwin coaching Neil since day 1.
Thanks to Damien Griffen for his tremendous support and efforts.
Thanks for Dan Hankinson for supporting today and his guidance.
Final thanks to Stefan and young Josh for their help in Neils and Jakes comp prep.
And of course thank you to Gary, Dennis, Craig and the rest of the Keidokwai team.

Great success, big day!!!
Proud to be Keidokwai. 75 years of Judo Excellence