Great Competition Success for our Kyu Grades!

First we had the Kendal comp last week. A quality day with the team looking strong throughout!! Tough contests but we possessed great team spirit and proved that hard work always pays off!

Shout out to Ross who once again coached the Team mat side. Working on Smart tactics and game planning.

The team brings home
X2 Gold 🥇 Dan & Ryan
X2 Silver 🥈 Sorina & Will
X2 Bronze 🥉 Steven & Callum

Congrats to all!!


This past weekend we also had the Sheffield SUKT competition!

A day in which we saw the team take there Judo game to the next level with stronger challenges and more contests.

Once again thank you to Keidokwais Performance Coach Ross Goodwin for Coaching matside.
“I am always honoured to continue this Journey with the team once again coaching matside devising solid game plans and strategies remaining vocal and engaged” – Ross

Sorina – Sorina remains a dominant force with her unmatched fearless demeanour. But today the odds were certainly against her greater than ever. Sorina found herself in an open weight category. She weighed in at 57kg which made her the lightest out of 7 competitors, a division which hosted 3 fighters at 80+ Kg. This did not phase Sorina at all as she applied all instructions and kept the game plan strong. She finished all 6 fights and took a very well deserved Gold. A major step up and massive mountain climbed.

Dan – Coming off his GOLD medal victory last week. Dan was a stand out for the tournament with his performance today which was undisputed and decisive. Dan won 6 out 6 fights against some technical and very conditioned players.
Dan applied all instructions and remained versatile adapting the game plan well. Finishing all his contests with Ippon which included some monster throws to the roar and appreciation of the Crowd.

Joe – Overcame adversity as this was his first tournament back from a horrific injury just a few months ago which would have made most call it a day from the sport. Joe showed a tonne of class and heart along with a solid ground game displaying some well worked and beautiful techniques. With all this came a major ippon throw from Joe. Stunning efforts earned Joe a well deserved Silver Medal!

Ryan- Coming off his Gold medal victory last week in Kendal. Ryan was focused to take today’s prize. Dominating the pace and the grips early which led to good quick scores. Ryan fought great displaying he is a major contender for the Gold today. Unfortunately, an injury forced him out of the running. There’s no denying he is definitely one to watch for the future. We wish Ryan all the best and a speedy recovery.

x2 GOLD ️🥇

Major thanks to Eddie for contributing towards travel arrangments. Such a big help.

All the team kept the spirit of judo alive thanking the officials and their opponents. A great display of class!

Congratulations Team!! More great things to come

Stay Tuned!!
Proud to be Keidokwai Judo Club