2018 so far….

️🥋Starting the year with Keidokwai’s Ross Goodwin, Chris Li and Dan Hankinson who completed the annual Kendal winter training camp.

A camp which hosted top players on the National scene and a range of talent.Hours and hours of Randori and tremendous conditioning with the outdoor circuits made for a great physical and mental challenge!! All proved worth it as these 3 went on to take Gold at there next comps.


️🥋We introduced Keidokwai Super squad Training Sessions!!
We extend our invitation to all the children however the recommended age for attending this class is 8+ With competition experience aspiring to compete more in 2018.

The Supersquad sessions will be purely structured for competitive judo players and will aim to develop the skills as competitors looking to achieve new heights in there potential upcoming tournaments. The sessions will emphasise more randori, competitive strategy and tactics as well as new perspectives into competitive Judo.

️🥋Competition Success!

Congratulations to Keidokwais Chris Li and Sorina Urda who both claimed GOLD in the prestige North West Open championships 2018!!

We have also witnessed Spectacular scenes at the 2018 Craven Open Championships!! ️

Congratulations to Keidokwais Ross Goodwin, Dan Hankinson and Steven Welsh

Ross – Great display of Judo with a flawless day. We saw smart game planning and tactical Judo along with quick finishes. Ross finished every fight quick using every method to win possible in each contest remaining strong and versatile. Outstanding performances across the board without conceding a single score. Ross secures a Gold Medal. ️

Dan – Continuing his tremendous rise in the sport. Dan displayed some strong Judo along with well worked and expertly timed techniques. On paper, Dan may have been the underdog as all his opponents were 2 weights above Dans category. But with his solid preparation, nothing could have phased him today. Dan earns himself a Gold Medal. ️

Steven – Getting stuck in with a good game plan staying active and busy in a very challenging category. Steven proved to be a future contender with a top performance. This is Stevens 2nd only comp since moving to Blackpool. Steven earned himself a Bronze medal! ️



Congrats to Keidokwais Russell Quigley on passing his Dan Grade theory in February Proving hard work pays off.

We travelled down to Lancaster Judo club which hosted a great session!

We are excited now as Russell prepares to compete for his 1st Dan later this year!

Congrats to all the junior and seniors who have also graded this year already, major progress.


We hosted another Junior in club Judo Minimon Competition! ️

An inspirational day filled with fun, excitement and quality judo displayed from all children

The children showed so much support, teamwork and top sportsmanship in what became a special day for all!!
Medals and trophies all up for grabs. The progress of all truly inspires us all and we can’t wait to do it all again!! ️

All children earned a prestige medal for their top efforts!
Along with the trophies….

️️Throw of the day trophy was awarded to Lily for a very well timed O sotto Gari technique in the dying second of the contest.

The ️Sportsmanship trophy was awarded to Hugo for displayed tremendous support and respect throughout the day

️Fighter of the day award was awarded to Rhys for his contest progression in each contest with top performances throughout!



We are proud to say that Judo helps in so many other ways on and off the mat. We had Adam Cox and Ross Goodwin jump into the world of pro wrestling. They both took part in a major event which raised thousands for multiple charities. A spectacular show which saw Adam Cox take on two of Britains top wrestling talent. And we saw Ross secure a victory in the main event over the current Heavyweight champion!!