Keidokwais newest Dan Grade!

🎉️🎉️🎉Congratulations!!!!! Keidokwais newest Dan Grade Black Belt!!! Russell Scott Quigley

Russell 20+year odyssey has culminated by winning 5 fights in one day achieving his Dan grade Black Belt! Stepping into the prestige ranks of keidokwai by achieving such a pinnacle.

Russell has put in the work but over the last few months, he has gone above and beyond. Seeking personal training making drastic improvements to his fitness. Russell has worked closely with Ross leaving nothing to chance and covering all aspects of the game. Devising solid gameplans, smart technique strong visualisation and phycological tactics.

Tonight Russell showcased a calm and confident demeanour with the heart and focus to become unstoppable on this evening. An evening which included multiple victories within seconds along with some wars and he displayed some devastating monster ippon throws!

Russell began he journey at Preston Judo club as a child. After a few years out of the sport. Russell found himself at St Annes Keidokwai judo club when it opened in 2015. From that day Russell has been a role model to the novice grades and continues to inspire and motivate the team.

Now he finds himself exactly where he belongs and has claimed what he undoubtfully deserves. Russell is now a Black Belt!!

Congratulations to a hero to many. Russell!!!!!!

Kediokwai newest Dan Grade!!!