Fighting Films Trophy

Congratulations to our Team today! As all did an amazing job at the Fighting Films Trophy.

Well done to Ross, Issac, Dan, Ryan, Sorina, Callum and Christian!!

Callum – Kicked off the day in the busiest coloured belt category by starting strong winning his first contest in no time at all with a well worked decisive ippon! This was followed by many more well-worked throws and another big ippon throw in his later fights. Callum has really stepped up in training recently and he has applied it to today’s contests. Amazing job from Callum.

Next up was Dan & Issac who have always been consistent in tournaments. Today, however, they met in the same category and of course, they fought each other for the GOLD prize. Both displaying so much relaxed and composed skills and proving they are comfortable standing or on the ground. Quality efforts from both lads. Dan Gold, Issac silver.

We also had Christian in a new weight category as Christian has worked hard all year reducing his weight. Christian continues to improve every single contest and shown a tonne of heart once he was put into an arm lock and fought out of it. One of Christians top performances. Respect to Christian as due to work commitments he has struggled to attend the majority of training, however, he still enters and gets stuck into comps!!

Next, we had Sorina who is continuing to make a lot of noise in the female divisions. A major step up for Sorina and a great display of solid work and resilience. Sorina secured Silver in her category and then decided to enter the Female dan grade category to make the numbers up. Sorina secured another Silver!!

Ryan – An absolute force! Intimidating power and so unpredictable. Ryan displayed some monster throws along with some good tactical game planning. Ryan proves he can finish he contests whenever they may end up. Wicked technique displayed secures Ryan the Silver medal!

Ross – Finished the day in the busiest Black belt category! Ross absolutely stormed to the final which including tactical sound game planning, An 8-second win in his first contest and a pearler of an ippon in his later contest. Ross never stopped working and continued to work with constant pressure and his foot on the gas!! Going the distance in the final but missed out on points. Ross Claims Silver today!

A top event! Thank you to everyone involved. Big thanks to Issac and Dan who went on to support other teammates matside.

And thank you to Dave for coming down for the support.

Great day! Proud to be Keidokwai