Keidokwai In club competition success

Another special day today at Keidokwai for the Junior Judo Minimon Competition! ️πŸ₯‹οΈπŸ†


An inspirational day filled with fun, excitement and quality judo displayed from all children. All showing maturity and showing some very advanced elements to their judo game.

The children showed so much support, teamwork and top sportsmanship in what became a special day for all!!
Medals and trophies all up for grabs. The progress of all truly inspires us all and we can’t wait to do it all again!! ️πŸ₯‡οΈπŸ₯ˆοΈπŸ₯‰οΈπŸ†

This was the best i have ever seen our children from ability as a judo player to maturity on and off the mat!!
All children showing support for one another.

All children earned a prestige medal for their top efforts!
Along with the trophies….

οΈοΈπŸ†Throw of the day
πŸ†Sportsmanship trophy
οΈπŸ†Player of the day
πŸ†Keidokwai Cup – open weight/grade

Congratulations to the children who earned certificates and gradings!!

Major thank yo our star referee Wendy! Who was magnificent.
Thank you to Damien for his support of the comp.
Thanks goes to Dan for keeping the event fun and helping the children!
Thank you Neil for his hard work setting up the building for the event.
Thank you to Lucy for dedicating her time to support the children.
To Ross for hosting the event!
And to all the parents for their support and help.

Congrats to all our superstars

Proud to be Keidokwai St Annes & Blackpool

Very proud of our SUPERSTARS!!!