St Annes Keidokwai Updates

***updates for St Annes Keidokwai***

– The children will be working over the next couple of months to achieve the latest certificate. Along with this, we continue to present player of the week & month as well as opportunities every first Wednesday of the month to earn the stickers we introduced! 🏆


4th – Dans Birthday 

7th – Lytham colour splash fun run – Judo demos

13th – Ross Wrestling show in Preston

14th – NW junior development training @ rochdale

17th – Club closed

21st – Junior supersquad

28th – keidokwai In club minimon at blackpool


4th – Sophie Cox masterclass in York

11th – Supersquad Training

16th – Ross Wrestling at Blackpool Tower

17th – Adaptive British Championships

25th – NW Area training development at Blackpool


Judo tots launched

3rd – Dan & Nathan black belt theory

22nd – NW junior training at waterloo

29th – Supersquad training


16th-20th – Adaptive Euro Championships Germany

20th – Welsh Open

27th – Supersquad Training


3rd – Keidokwai Blackpool minimon comp

6th – St Annes 4th year celebration

9th – Adaptive comp in Holland

17th – Midland area Dan grading

17th – NW junior training at Bacup

24th – SKK comp juniors & seniors

Events will be added and updated

We are working towards greater things and happenings for our st annes club with some on going and some launching in 2020. All feedback, comments and ideas welcome.

Remember this is YOUR club..its easier to ask for forgiveness than permission InShot_20190227_232151210.jpg