More success for Team Keidokwai



The Keidokwai team were hard at work today in Kirby Longsdale for the last day at the Craven Judofest festival!

First up were our junior team.. John found himself in a pool of higher grades as he was the only one in his category he battled through some tough contests and earned a Gold.

Deacon found himself swimming with sharks due to being the only one in his pool, fighting experienced greenbelts! He was determined to finish his fights. Deacon earned a gold medal for his efforts!

Finally Jake, who only yesterday won two British titles, found himself in a great pool that really took him to the next level of his progression! Jake secured a hard fought bronze medal!

Next up were our senior team…
Joe, in his first ever competition as a red belt found himself in a stacked category and battled against four brown belts and 1 black belt. Having put in a tonne of hard work into his competition preperation in the run up to this tournament Joe pulled off a beautiful throw to the delight of the crowd.

Will was next, and he fought a tactical gameplan and listened to all of his coach’s instructions to ensure that he gave his pool of brown belts and one 2nd Dan a tough time. Will’s defense was on form today and wasn’t thrown cleanly once. Impressive for A yellow belt mixing it up with brown belts and black.

Tristan, in his first ever competition as a red belt troubled everyone from start to finish, fighting hard and improving in every consecutive fight. Tristan and Will found themselves in the same pool and impressed many onlookers with their performance and respect.

Joe, Will and Tristan earned very hard fought bronze medal.

Sorina fought in a tough pool, listened to tactical advice and executed instructions brilliantly. And as a bluebelt beat brown belts and fought well against a Dan grade to secure an impressive silver medal.

Thanks to Ross for coaching our players matside and keeping them engaged throughout the event. Ross was highly commended at the 2018 Fylde Community Sports Awards and this weekend’s results provide some insight into what Ross brings to the team.

Thanks to Dan for providing support matside to our players. Dan also represented Keidokwai in the Freestyle Judo seminar run by former Olympian Sophie Cox. Dan picked up plenty of technical aspects that he can’t wait to bring back to the club.

Finally a massive thankyou to the parents for their support throughout the day and for putting their trust in the coaching team and also to Danny Harper and the organisers, referees and volunteers for running such a smooth event.

A fantastic weekend for Keidokwai and North West Judo! Proud to be Keidokwai!