Proud to have hosted the NW Development Training

Yesterday we were thrilled and delighted to have hosted the North West area development training at keidokwai🏆

The day was a major success as the children were treated to top quality coaching perspectives as well as fun skill building games. The children enjoyed randori with new bodies along with forming new friendships helping each other learn and progress 🏆

Major thanks to Danny, John, Anne, Teigan, Gary, Abdul for sharing their experience with all the juniors.

Later in the day we had senior sessions with a solid technical session involving standing and ne waza to the delight of everyone on the mat as they all obtained new tools for their judo game.
We all enjoyed randori rounds as everyone was challenged against new bodies & experience.

Thank you to everyone involved. The whole team at Keidokwai are buzzing!

Next NW development training will be held at Waterloo judo club on September 22nd. We cannot wait to take part.