St Annes keidokwai Exciting Upcoming Year



Get excited as we still have a very exciting August ahead of this that includes welcoming home our hero’s from the weekend at tomorrow’s sessions, also NW development training this Sunday.

Below are updates and important dates for September till December for our St annes club.
Any updates, questions, ideas or thoughts contact Ross or Dan

3rd – Lancaster judo club senior visit & Dans black belt theory
4th – Judo tots launch
7th – heart of England competition
21st – Ross Wrestling at pcw academy
22nd – junior & senior nw development training at Waterloo judo club
27th – Ross’ Charity wrestling show in bolton
29th – Supersquad

4th – Ross Wrestling at Blackpool tower
12th – Jake VI training at centre of excellence
13th – REDS judo competition
16th-20th – Neil’s European championships Germany
20th – Welsh open
27th – Supersquad training
30th – Halloween night for juniors at St annes Keidokwai

3rd – Keidokwai minimon comp at blackpool
6th- St annes Keidokwai 4 year anniversary celebration
9th – Jake competes in Holland
17th – Midland area Dan grading
17th – junior & senior nw development training at Bacup judo club
24th – skk comp for juniors and senior kyu grades

7th – Sheffield comp for senior kyu grades
20th – Keidokwia kids Christmas party

All this excitement as Ross continues to search for a greater venue to home our St annes club 🏆

Thank you so much for the Continued support
Proud to be keidokwai