x3 British Champions in one day



69125087_2458350180867397_7024266807556964352_oSpectacular day for keidokwai and North West Judo!! CHAMPIONS 🏆🏆🏆

Today keidokwai superstars Neil Bennett & Jake Pasquill went down to Cardiff along with there coach Ross and they returned with x3 Gold medals & x3 British titles

Jake is a superstar, beaming smile and positive attitude towards the sport. He applied a solid game plan and followed all instructions. Jake won Gold in two categories today. This is Jakes 3rd British title in 2019 alone. Along with this he captured double Gold at the Last comp in Blackpool. He remains humble and supportive of his team. Jake has a great team behind him.

Neil captured GOLD once again in his adaptive judo (special needs) this is Neil’s 4th British Title in the last 4 years running!! Next up is European championship opportunities with a world title in site for 2020. Neil embodies the ture values of Judo.

We also witnessed north west judo sensation; Caitlin display some world class judo with perfectly timed techniques to secure herself a Gold medal and the British crown

Great job to Ross for his matside coaching.
Thank you to Ray and family for bringing jake down and support.
Great job by kerry and Paul tansey for all there efforts