Memories Made

Memories made!

Its been 1 year since our st Annes judo club moved into our new venue – Tonights senior session was amongst the best i have coached.
A perfect blend of fun, banta, progress, hard and smart work!

Great team respect, spirit and a desire to constantly help one another improve!

Judo tots was fun and we continue development games and understanding – more gold stars awarded tonight as we look to host another grading soon for the judo tots’s efforts.

1st kids class all displaying quality attitudes in technical and games tonight as we continue introducing new concepts. Great support for one another making this a very fun session.

2nd kids class had the theme of pressure. We appropriately introduced more pressure from a range of perspectives allowing the children to handle it whilst having fun. New throwing drill displayed some stunning techniques.

Thank you everyone for the great night. Absolutely buzzing with everyones efforts!