St Annes keidokwai Exciting Upcoming Year



Get excited as we still have a very exciting August ahead of this that includes welcoming home our hero’s from the weekend at tomorrow’s sessions, also NW development training this Sunday.

Below are updates and important dates for September till December for our St annes club.
Any updates, questions, ideas or thoughts contact Ross or Dan

3rd – Lancaster judo club senior visit & Dans black belt theory
4th – Judo tots launch
7th – heart of England competition
21st – Ross Wrestling at pcw academy
22nd – junior & senior nw development training at Waterloo judo club
27th – Ross’ Charity wrestling show in bolton
29th – Supersquad

4th – Ross Wrestling at Blackpool tower
12th – Jake VI training at centre of excellence
13th – REDS judo competition
16th-20th – Neil’s European championships Germany
20th – Welsh open
27th – Supersquad training
30th – Halloween night for juniors at St annes Keidokwai

3rd – Keidokwai minimon comp at blackpool
6th- St annes Keidokwai 4 year anniversary celebration
9th – Jake competes in Holland
17th – Midland area Dan grading
17th – junior & senior nw development training at Bacup judo club
24th – skk comp for juniors and senior kyu grades

7th – Sheffield comp for senior kyu grades
20th – Keidokwia kids Christmas party

All this excitement as Ross continues to search for a greater venue to home our St annes club 🏆

Thank you so much for the Continued support
Proud to be keidokwai

Proud to have hosted the NW Development Training

Yesterday we were thrilled and delighted to have hosted the North West area development training at keidokwai🏆

The day was a major success as the children were treated to top quality coaching perspectives as well as fun skill building games. The children enjoyed randori with new bodies along with forming new friendships helping each other learn and progress 🏆

Major thanks to Danny, John, Anne, Teigan, Gary, Abdul for sharing their experience with all the juniors.

Later in the day we had senior sessions with a solid technical session involving standing and ne waza to the delight of everyone on the mat as they all obtained new tools for their judo game.
We all enjoyed randori rounds as everyone was challenged against new bodies & experience.

Thank you to everyone involved. The whole team at Keidokwai are buzzing!

Next NW development training will be held at Waterloo judo club on September 22nd. We cannot wait to take part.

More success for Team Keidokwai



The Keidokwai team were hard at work today in Kirby Longsdale for the last day at the Craven Judofest festival!

First up were our junior team.. John found himself in a pool of higher grades as he was the only one in his category he battled through some tough contests and earned a Gold.

Deacon found himself swimming with sharks due to being the only one in his pool, fighting experienced greenbelts! He was determined to finish his fights. Deacon earned a gold medal for his efforts!

Finally Jake, who only yesterday won two British titles, found himself in a great pool that really took him to the next level of his progression! Jake secured a hard fought bronze medal!

Next up were our senior team…
Joe, in his first ever competition as a red belt found himself in a stacked category and battled against four brown belts and 1 black belt. Having put in a tonne of hard work into his competition preperation in the run up to this tournament Joe pulled off a beautiful throw to the delight of the crowd.

Will was next, and he fought a tactical gameplan and listened to all of his coach’s instructions to ensure that he gave his pool of brown belts and one 2nd Dan a tough time. Will’s defense was on form today and wasn’t thrown cleanly once. Impressive for A yellow belt mixing it up with brown belts and black.

Tristan, in his first ever competition as a red belt troubled everyone from start to finish, fighting hard and improving in every consecutive fight. Tristan and Will found themselves in the same pool and impressed many onlookers with their performance and respect.

Joe, Will and Tristan earned very hard fought bronze medal.

Sorina fought in a tough pool, listened to tactical advice and executed instructions brilliantly. And as a bluebelt beat brown belts and fought well against a Dan grade to secure an impressive silver medal.

Thanks to Ross for coaching our players matside and keeping them engaged throughout the event. Ross was highly commended at the 2018 Fylde Community Sports Awards and this weekend’s results provide some insight into what Ross brings to the team.

Thanks to Dan for providing support matside to our players. Dan also represented Keidokwai in the Freestyle Judo seminar run by former Olympian Sophie Cox. Dan picked up plenty of technical aspects that he can’t wait to bring back to the club.

Finally a massive thankyou to the parents for their support throughout the day and for putting their trust in the coaching team and also to Danny Harper and the organisers, referees and volunteers for running such a smooth event.

A fantastic weekend for Keidokwai and North West Judo! Proud to be Keidokwai!

x3 British Champions in one day



69125087_2458350180867397_7024266807556964352_oSpectacular day for keidokwai and North West Judo!! CHAMPIONS 🏆🏆🏆

Today keidokwai superstars Neil Bennett & Jake Pasquill went down to Cardiff along with there coach Ross and they returned with x3 Gold medals & x3 British titles

Jake is a superstar, beaming smile and positive attitude towards the sport. He applied a solid game plan and followed all instructions. Jake won Gold in two categories today. This is Jakes 3rd British title in 2019 alone. Along with this he captured double Gold at the Last comp in Blackpool. He remains humble and supportive of his team. Jake has a great team behind him.

Neil captured GOLD once again in his adaptive judo (special needs) this is Neil’s 4th British Title in the last 4 years running!! Next up is European championship opportunities with a world title in site for 2020. Neil embodies the ture values of Judo.

We also witnessed north west judo sensation; Caitlin display some world class judo with perfectly timed techniques to secure herself a Gold medal and the British crown

Great job to Ross for his matside coaching.
Thank you to Ray and family for bringing jake down and support.
Great job by kerry and Paul tansey for all there efforts

St Annes Keidokwai Updates

***updates for St Annes Keidokwai***

– The children will be working over the next couple of months to achieve the latest certificate. Along with this, we continue to present player of the week & month as well as opportunities every first Wednesday of the month to earn the stickers we introduced! 🏆


4th – Dans Birthday 

7th – Lytham colour splash fun run – Judo demos

13th – Ross Wrestling show in Preston

14th – NW junior development training @ rochdale

17th – Club closed

21st – Junior supersquad

28th – keidokwai In club minimon at blackpool


4th – Sophie Cox masterclass in York

11th – Supersquad Training

16th – Ross Wrestling at Blackpool Tower

17th – Adaptive British Championships

25th – NW Area training development at Blackpool


Judo tots launched

3rd – Dan & Nathan black belt theory

22nd – NW junior training at waterloo

29th – Supersquad training


16th-20th – Adaptive Euro Championships Germany

20th – Welsh Open

27th – Supersquad Training


3rd – Keidokwai Blackpool minimon comp

6th – St Annes 4th year celebration

9th – Adaptive comp in Holland

17th – Midland area Dan grading

17th – NW junior training at Bacup

24th – SKK comp juniors & seniors

Events will be added and updated

We are working towards greater things and happenings for our st annes club with some on going and some launching in 2020. All feedback, comments and ideas welcome.

Remember this is YOUR club..its easier to ask for forgiveness than permission InShot_20190227_232151210.jpg

Exciting Month of Judo

Keidokwai Lytham Updates –

As we head into May which is already shaping up to an exciting and busy time for the club and judo. Here are updates for all.
Loads of events, however with no pressure to do all, just simply pick and choose for yourself and/or your child.

*This Saturday in Lytham the junior class will be joined by a special guest coach!

*Next Wednesday we have new awards for the children with fun tasks to achieve them.

*And major update we have a new crash mat! This is great news as we can introduce new techniques as well as fully progressing existing ones.

Our supersquad sessions are becoming more and more popular due to loads of comps and events in may we will be hosting two Supersquad sessions in a row with the first being this Sunday April 28th at 11am and the second being the following week Sunday May 5th 11am both at our Blackpool Club. Don’t forget the super squad loyalty card to get stamped.

-Upcoming comps-
May 12th is the next SKK comp for seniors and juniors. We have had major success here over the last couple years and it is a fun friendly comp for all whilst still providing a challenge to any our mon and kyu grades.

May 19th is the northern England REDS competition – We have Deacon and Joe entering this major event. Age and grade requirements for this event.

Check out the desk at our club for all info on training sessions in the area as well as competition info.

-Judo tots-
Lytham St Annes keidokwai is now insured to host Judo tot sessions. As mentioned Ross would rather attend a course first to gain a greater understanding in order to provide the best possible sessions. Once complete Ross will launch Judo tots immediately, We are aiming to launch no later than September at the very latest.

-Lytham Fair haven fun day-
We are excited to be invited to this fun event held at Fairhaven. Lytham St Annes keidokwai will be there hosting demos, have a go session and enjoying the day. If you and your child wish to help for the day then let Ross know. Or just visit as its a great day for the kids. The date for this is Sunday, May 26th.

Final Reminder –
Please make sure yours or your child’s license is in date. This is their insurance and allows them to compete and grade.

Thank you so much for the continued support. Looking forward to another exciting month.



Keidokwai In club competition success

Another special day today at Keidokwai for the Junior Judo Minimon Competition! ️🥋️🏆


An inspirational day filled with fun, excitement and quality judo displayed from all children. All showing maturity and showing some very advanced elements to their judo game.

The children showed so much support, teamwork and top sportsmanship in what became a special day for all!!
Medals and trophies all up for grabs. The progress of all truly inspires us all and we can’t wait to do it all again!! ️🥇️🥈️🥉️🏆

This was the best i have ever seen our children from ability as a judo player to maturity on and off the mat!!
All children showing support for one another.

All children earned a prestige medal for their top efforts!
Along with the trophies….

️️🏆Throw of the day
🏆Sportsmanship trophy
🏆Player of the day
🏆Keidokwai Cup – open weight/grade

Congratulations to the children who earned certificates and gradings!!

Major thank yo our star referee Wendy! Who was magnificent.
Thank you to Damien for his support of the comp.
Thanks goes to Dan for keeping the event fun and helping the children!
Thank you Neil for his hard work setting up the building for the event.
Thank you to Lucy for dedicating her time to support the children.
To Ross for hosting the event!
And to all the parents for their support and help.

Congrats to all our superstars

Proud to be Keidokwai St Annes & Blackpool

Very proud of our SUPERSTARS!!!

Keidokwai’s Superstar wins British Championship!!

Congratulations 🎊


Keidokwai judo clubs superstar; Jake Pasquill captures GOLD claiming the British Schools National Championship!

What has been an epic and inspirational journey to get to this day.
Amazing for adaptive & VI Judo!

What makes this young hero even more Special is that he shown that the true values of judo where more meaningful as after winning multiple contests to secure his GOLD.. Jake allowed another child in his category who was struggling with the pressure of comp to move Jake around, and complete techniques, therefore, Jake sacrificing a victory to help build a fellow competitors confidence!

A true hero!!

Thank you to Jakes coach Ross Goodwin for his continued efforts and progress in Jakes development and also supporting from matside today as always!

Also, congratulations to Caitlin from Blackburn as she put on another great performance and secure a GOLD medal!

Thank you to all the officials for a spectacular event. Very well organised and fair!


Updates all in one place from Upcoming comps, training sessions and happenings


Upcoming Senior & Junior Comp and events




17th – Jake competes for the VI Schools British Championship

24th – Keidokwai In club minimon



6th Ross Goodwin & Adam Cox PCW Wrestling show

13th – Craven open championships



12th SKK red & Yellow belt rumble

26th Mini Teams Event in Liverpool





24th – Kendal Comp

31st – Merseyside Open



6th – Ross Goodwin & Adam Cox PCW Wrestling show

6th – Dan Hankinson competes in Northen Ireland Open

13th – Craven Open



12th – Kyu Grade comp at SKK

25th/26th – Fighting Films Comp

31st – Neil Bennett competes for European Championship in Sweden


Senior training

Seniors are updated with local club visits and regional training.


Our club also host a senior open mat session every last Sunday of the month – These open mat sessions are £3.50 or included in Lythams unlimited class membership


Junior training

Supersquad in Blackpool every last Sunday of the month – sessions are £3.50 or inlcuded in Lythams unlimited class membership


Open Area Training Sessions

9:30 book in – 10am till 12pm for Red & Yellow Belts

£5 mat fee

Enquires to NW chairwoman


Sunday 10th March 2019 Bredakwai Judo Club 48 Burnley Rd, Accrington.  BB5 1AF
Sunday 7th April 2019 Swinton Judo Club 187-189 Moorside Road, Swinton, Salford, M27 9LL
Sunday 16th June 2019 Warrington Samurai 453 Wellfield St, Warrington WA5 1PY
Sunday 14th July 2019 Rochdale Judo Club Trafalgar Street, Rochdale.  OL16 2DR
Sunday 22nd September 2019 Waterloo Judo Club 21 Bath St, Waterloo, Liverpool L22 5NZ
Sunday 17th November 2019 Bacup Judo Club (above library) James Street, Bacup, Rossendale, Lancs, OL12 8DG



Quick Updates


Keidokwai Judo Club is now on Instagram!! Keep up to date with the clubs current projects and news, Keidokwais lustrious history and updates from the Team!


We are proud to continue to have great results from recent Senior and Junior comps which include the Scottish Open and local compettiive comps.

Congrats to Dan who has attended british judos coaching course and is due to be assessed end of the month!



Keidokwai Re opens our 2nd club in Lytham


Special night at St Annes Keidokwai as we re-opened at our new venue!!!

Overwhelmed by the continued support from the parents, children and players! Thank you so much.

The first children’s class were a delight as always to coach and really shown great maturity and demonstrated amazing skills. All the coaches had loads of fun coaching this session😊

Our 2nd children’s class saw everyone bonding really well and enjoying being part of a team. Beautiful work from everyone! Loads of fun and a great show of teamwork and friendship 🙂 😁

Our adult class saw the team progress on a major scale with the rest doing the team a wealth of good. Everyone had fun, worked hard and shown that they certainly belong!

Very special night, we settled in nicely.
Again, if your questions still haven’t been answered.. I’m just a message away.
I am so grateful for you all to give me the opportunity to coach you. Thank you

See you Saturday for our next class!!

Proud to be Keidokwai