Details on St Annes Keidokwai New location

Details on St Annes Keidokwai New location!🌞🌞

We are on next week as usual than 2 weeks off for Christmas. We return wednesday 9th January in our new building!

Our webiste will be updated within the next week with updated timetable and location etc.

If this post doesn’t answer your questions or you wish to provide ideas, feedback or anything then contact Ross anytime you need 

We asked the children yesterday what they would like in 2019 and we are pleased to say we can provide all! From suggestions for new classes, new friends and more mats! 

🏆Why the move?🏆
The club has achieved incredible heights in just 3 years. The move will provide opportunity to introduce new classes, coaching development and introduce more children and adults to the sport.
Also, the club will now have greater control over the financial side allowing us to give back more.. With this, we can provide more coaching development, travel expenses for international competitors, travel fees for coaches, and much more.

🏆Location and timetable🏆
Hewitt Rooms/Library
27 Clifton Street
Lytham Fy8 5EP
Entrance is on the side of building on bannister street (the building itself is on the coner between Clifton street and bannister street)

Wednesday classes
1st class 5-6pm
2nd class 6-7pm
Adults 7-8pm

Ages 5-11 10am till 11am
Adults 12+ including adults 11am till 12

Super squad sessions for Juniors every last Sunday of the month (may vary)

Open mat for seniors every last sunday of month (may vary)

The reason there is a crossover in ages for our Saturday classes is that it provides opportunity for our children to continue making new friends whilst making the transition into senior judo much easier and more comfortable once reached a certain age.

🏆Whats included🏆
We are introducing monthly payments to keep everything hassle free. Still no direct debit just simply, payment every 1st wednesday of the month. 12 payments per year.

For juniors this includes ALL st annes kids sessions, supersquad sessions, free christmas party 2019

For adults this includes ALL st annes senior classes, open mat sessions, discounted on in club training camps.

🏆Prices/payment. 🏆
Payment for sessions are to be paid monthly on the first wednesday of each month (12 payments per year)

For payments, we will have a safe with a postbox matside to allow you to pay but without disrupting the flow of the sessions.

The new price structure works out more affordable than whats currently on offer as well as better alternatives to families with more than 1 child. We are offering more and for a better price.

Adults £40 per month
Children £35 per month

*Family capped price £55per month
The family capped price is for 2 or more siblings per family or parent/child combo.

Coaching development
More comps
More events, demos, school visits, classes, summer camps, christmas party

We have greater ambition, vision, plans and goals as 2019. Enjoying the journey.

Thank you so much to all for the support. We hope you continue to enjoy the progress at St Annes Keidokwai Judo Club

Keidokwai Judo Club Becomes Fylde Community Club of the year 2018

More success! 🏆🏆🏆

Yesterday was such a special evening celebrating sports, athletes, coaches and inspirational people across the Fylde as yesterday evening was the Fylde sports awards!

St Annes Keidokwai Judo Club ar now the Fylde’s Club of the Year 2018🎉🎉

What makes this more incredible as st annes coach has also been highly commended for Coach of the year 2018. Aswell as our student Jake being highly commended for Young achiever of the year!

We are so lucky and spoilt that the fylde area has so many great coaches with tremendous clubs providing the best opportunities for anyone to take part and succeed in multiple sports.

To be acknowledged and to win is in this prestigious category is great and truly shows our hard work, passion and dedication has payed off! Blessed and greatful for all support.

Ross Goodwin opened st Annes keidokwai judo club 3 years ago and we have produced black belts, regional and national champions, international coaches and players! And now club of the year 2018. All within 3years.

Ross simply says “give me another 3 years”

Congrats to all at Keidokwai as we all share this award from Head coach Ross, to keidokwais coaches, Dennis, Gary, Damien as well as others, the team, players, parents and children! This is our award!

Ross also states ‘Yesterday evening was the most important and greatest night in our short 3 year history of st annes keidokwai. Until this Wednesday, as the 3rd year celebration November 7th with be the greatest night in the clubs history and we all share it’!!

Proud to be Keidokwai

Amazing news – Fylde sports awards!

Congratulations to Ross, Jake and all at St.Annes. The Fylde Sports Awards have just released their top 3 finalists and we have had amazing success.

Community Club of the Year – Keidokwai St.Annes – a fantastic recognition of the work that Ross has put into establishing a new club that has quickly become a respected and successful member of the North West Judo community.

Coach of the Year – Ross Goodwin – a fantastic reward for a groundbreaking coach who has delivered amazing success since starting the club.

Young Achiever of the Year – Jake – what a superstar he is. Jake has represented St.Annes and won a Silver Medal At the British Championships.


Ten Time Gold!!!

Dan Hankinson Returned home to St Annes Keidokwai Judo Club where he started his journey in 2015!!
He returned with his tenth GOLD medal after his stunning performance this past weekend.

Dan has proved to be one of the hardest workers at Keidokwai and he is the clubs current most active competitor. He attends all Keidokwai Weekly sessions in St Annes & Blackpool as well as regular visiting other clubs during the week.

In his very short time in the sport, Dan already has an impressive list of credentials which include 10 Gold, 6 Silver and 2 Bronze medals. Along with this, he has won multiple championships such as the Lancashire title, and other prestige titles in Craven, Sheffield and Kendal. Following all this Dan has the honour of earning Blackpool Keidokwai player of the year 2 years running in both 2016 and 2017 being only the second person in the 76-year history to earn this back to back! All these credentials in less than 3 years

Dan first made a name for himself when he Became the Lancashire Judo champion at the start of 2017 which included 2 dominate victories over Blue belts. Dan was only an orange belt at the time and found himself as the lowest senior grade to have made the Regional Squad. On the same day, Dan entered an open grade & and weight tournament defeating green, blue and brown belts storming to the finals!

No talent here, just hard work, passion and dedication.

Dan competes once again for the Lancashire Championship this Sunday and again in October for his first National event as a blue belt!

Dan’s coach; Ross promises that there are many exciting things lined up for Dan in upcoming months that will be announced very soon.



More comp success!!

Amazing performances from our Team in Kendal! 🥋🥋🥋🥋🥋🏆🏆 Very tactical contests with good solid game planning!

Callum shown tremendous Heart and fight in all of his contests.
Contests which included a Victory over a Brown Belt!! Some big throws mixed with good tactical game play. Two of Callums fights went the distance than into the gruelling Golden Score.
Quality Performance and a major step up for Callum securing his medal displaying a versatile game!

Motivated and in good form, Dan claims his 10th GOLD medal today in spectacular fashion!
Dan started his Journey at St Annes Keidokwai and has since dedicated himself to the sport fully, gaining a wealth of experience. More great things to come from Dan!!

Thank you to Leon for the support and thank you and well done to Ross coaching Matside!!

Great day for the team!
Proud to be Keidokwai


Inspirational Success

Wow! More major success!!!

Yesterday was the Adaptive British Open Championships and we could not be prouder of our team! Many individuals and teams packed the stunning stadium to take part. Competitors from Germany, France Norway, and of course Great Britain just to name a few!

First up we had our reigning and 2-time British Champion Neil Bennett finding himself as the lower grade in his category once again. Working a solid gameplan and utilising the ability to adapt and overcome,  all Neils hard work certainly paid off as he won all his contest to claim his 3rd British Championship in a row!!!

What makes this more incredible is Neil only started Judo in January 2016 at the age of 43. Already capturing 3 National championships competing against much higher grades. Neil has unlocked the opportunity to compete for potential European and World Championships in 2019. Hard work pays off, dreams do come true.

Next up we had Jake Pasquill who at just 9 years old finds himself at such a prestige event! Jake is a true inspiration to his team and coaches with his positive demeanour and beaming smile! Jake has worked hard which has included training sessions with the British Paralympic team. Yesterday was truly one of Jakes greatest performances as he applied a great game plan and applied all instructors from myself in his corner. Jake secured a truly earned Silver medal Just missing out on Gold by a minor score to a much higher graded opponent. Again, an incredible story as Jake has only been in the sport for 2 years and finds himself competing in this major event.

Many opportunities for Jake have presented himself such as an invite to join The England Squad program which is a development program aiming to prepare players with the necessary technical, tactical, physical, mental and lifestyle attributes to progress through the GB Pathway onto the World Class Performance Programme (WCPP) and achieve success at senior international level.

Jake Has the opportunity to also continue training with the Visually impaired British team and aspire for Paralympic level.

So proud of these two inspirational individuals!

Congrats to Neil and Jake.

A major thank you to all the team, players, coaches and parents. Ross Goodwin for all his coaching and hard work for these two. Ray Pasquill for his support of Jake and Neil at yesterdays event

Proud to be Keidokwai. 76 years of Judo excellence!


Fighting Films Trophy

Congratulations to our Team today! As all did an amazing job at the Fighting Films Trophy.

Well done to Ross, Issac, Dan, Ryan, Sorina, Callum and Christian!!

Callum – Kicked off the day in the busiest coloured belt category by starting strong winning his first contest in no time at all with a well worked decisive ippon! This was followed by many more well-worked throws and another big ippon throw in his later fights. Callum has really stepped up in training recently and he has applied it to today’s contests. Amazing job from Callum.

Next up was Dan & Issac who have always been consistent in tournaments. Today, however, they met in the same category and of course, they fought each other for the GOLD prize. Both displaying so much relaxed and composed skills and proving they are comfortable standing or on the ground. Quality efforts from both lads. Dan Gold, Issac silver.

We also had Christian in a new weight category as Christian has worked hard all year reducing his weight. Christian continues to improve every single contest and shown a tonne of heart once he was put into an arm lock and fought out of it. One of Christians top performances. Respect to Christian as due to work commitments he has struggled to attend the majority of training, however, he still enters and gets stuck into comps!!

Next, we had Sorina who is continuing to make a lot of noise in the female divisions. A major step up for Sorina and a great display of solid work and resilience. Sorina secured Silver in her category and then decided to enter the Female dan grade category to make the numbers up. Sorina secured another Silver!!

Ryan – An absolute force! Intimidating power and so unpredictable. Ryan displayed some monster throws along with some good tactical game planning. Ryan proves he can finish he contests whenever they may end up. Wicked technique displayed secures Ryan the Silver medal!

Ross – Finished the day in the busiest Black belt category! Ross absolutely stormed to the final which including tactical sound game planning, An 8-second win in his first contest and a pearler of an ippon in his later contest. Ross never stopped working and continued to work with constant pressure and his foot on the gas!! Going the distance in the final but missed out on points. Ross Claims Silver today!

A top event! Thank you to everyone involved. Big thanks to Issac and Dan who went on to support other teammates matside.

And thank you to Dave for coming down for the support.

Great day! Proud to be Keidokwai


Keidokwais newest Dan Grade!

🎉️🎉️🎉Congratulations!!!!! Keidokwais newest Dan Grade Black Belt!!! Russell Scott Quigley

Russell 20+year odyssey has culminated by winning 5 fights in one day achieving his Dan grade Black Belt! Stepping into the prestige ranks of keidokwai by achieving such a pinnacle.

Russell has put in the work but over the last few months, he has gone above and beyond. Seeking personal training making drastic improvements to his fitness. Russell has worked closely with Ross leaving nothing to chance and covering all aspects of the game. Devising solid gameplans, smart technique strong visualisation and phycological tactics.

Tonight Russell showcased a calm and confident demeanour with the heart and focus to become unstoppable on this evening. An evening which included multiple victories within seconds along with some wars and he displayed some devastating monster ippon throws!

Russell began he journey at Preston Judo club as a child. After a few years out of the sport. Russell found himself at St Annes Keidokwai judo club when it opened in 2015. From that day Russell has been a role model to the novice grades and continues to inspire and motivate the team.

Now he finds himself exactly where he belongs and has claimed what he undoubtfully deserves. Russell is now a Black Belt!!

Congratulations to a hero to many. Russell!!!!!!

Kediokwai newest Dan Grade!!!

2018 so far….

️🥋Starting the year with Keidokwai’s Ross Goodwin, Chris Li and Dan Hankinson who completed the annual Kendal winter training camp.

A camp which hosted top players on the National scene and a range of talent.Hours and hours of Randori and tremendous conditioning with the outdoor circuits made for a great physical and mental challenge!! All proved worth it as these 3 went on to take Gold at there next comps.


️🥋We introduced Keidokwai Super squad Training Sessions!!
We extend our invitation to all the children however the recommended age for attending this class is 8+ With competition experience aspiring to compete more in 2018.

The Supersquad sessions will be purely structured for competitive judo players and will aim to develop the skills as competitors looking to achieve new heights in there potential upcoming tournaments. The sessions will emphasise more randori, competitive strategy and tactics as well as new perspectives into competitive Judo.

️🥋Competition Success!

Congratulations to Keidokwais Chris Li and Sorina Urda who both claimed GOLD in the prestige North West Open championships 2018!!

We have also witnessed Spectacular scenes at the 2018 Craven Open Championships!! ️

Congratulations to Keidokwais Ross Goodwin, Dan Hankinson and Steven Welsh

Ross – Great display of Judo with a flawless day. We saw smart game planning and tactical Judo along with quick finishes. Ross finished every fight quick using every method to win possible in each contest remaining strong and versatile. Outstanding performances across the board without conceding a single score. Ross secures a Gold Medal. ️

Dan – Continuing his tremendous rise in the sport. Dan displayed some strong Judo along with well worked and expertly timed techniques. On paper, Dan may have been the underdog as all his opponents were 2 weights above Dans category. But with his solid preparation, nothing could have phased him today. Dan earns himself a Gold Medal. ️

Steven – Getting stuck in with a good game plan staying active and busy in a very challenging category. Steven proved to be a future contender with a top performance. This is Stevens 2nd only comp since moving to Blackpool. Steven earned himself a Bronze medal! ️



Congrats to Keidokwais Russell Quigley on passing his Dan Grade theory in February Proving hard work pays off.

We travelled down to Lancaster Judo club which hosted a great session!

We are excited now as Russell prepares to compete for his 1st Dan later this year!

Congrats to all the junior and seniors who have also graded this year already, major progress.


We hosted another Junior in club Judo Minimon Competition! ️

An inspirational day filled with fun, excitement and quality judo displayed from all children

The children showed so much support, teamwork and top sportsmanship in what became a special day for all!!
Medals and trophies all up for grabs. The progress of all truly inspires us all and we can’t wait to do it all again!! ️

All children earned a prestige medal for their top efforts!
Along with the trophies….

️️Throw of the day trophy was awarded to Lily for a very well timed O sotto Gari technique in the dying second of the contest.

The ️Sportsmanship trophy was awarded to Hugo for displayed tremendous support and respect throughout the day

️Fighter of the day award was awarded to Rhys for his contest progression in each contest with top performances throughout!



We are proud to say that Judo helps in so many other ways on and off the mat. We had Adam Cox and Ross Goodwin jump into the world of pro wrestling. They both took part in a major event which raised thousands for multiple charities. A spectacular show which saw Adam Cox take on two of Britains top wrestling talent. And we saw Ross secure a victory in the main event over the current Heavyweight champion!!